A second-generation veteran who fought to protect our country and the constitution, Eric Garcia is the right leader at the right moment for the Central Valley.

Born in Fresno and growing up in the Central Valley, Eric’s strong work ethic and desire to serve our great nation was influenced by his grandfather, the son of immigrants from Mexico who served in the United States Army during World War II. When Eric entered high school, he enrolled in the JROTC program all four years. It was in his JROTC class where he witnessed the attacks on September 11th and watched as the World Trade Center North Tower collapsed. Eric knew then that he needed to serve our country. So, at the age of 17, he convinced both his parents to let him enroll early in the Marine Corps. 
In the Marines, Eric was part of the Signals Intelligence Unit, a highly specialized unit that dealt with classified information. There were only two deployable units of its kind in existence at the time. Eric was the eyes and ears for our brave men and women on the battlefield and was responsible for keeping them safe. Eric would deploy twice to Iraq during his time in the Marines from 2007-2008 and 2008-2009.
Unfortunately, like so many service members who served before him, Eric started to develop symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder while in Iraq. Eric would also be diagnosed with lupus, a painful autoimmune disorder that attacks a person's own tissue. And just like those service members who gave their all for our country, Eric was unable to get the proper care and assistance he deserved. Despite feeling like he was cast aside by his own government, Eric persevered and pushed through for another three years before leaving the military in 2012. 
Once he was back home in the Central Valley, Eric had to fight the system just to get the SSDI and VA benefits that were owed to him – something far too many of our veterans returning home have to deal with. With the help of his lawyer, Eric was able to prevail and would pursue his college education. He earned his bachelor’s degree in 2017 and is currently working on his master’s degree in marriage and family therapy.
At the same time, while Eric Garcia was serving his country, politicians like Devin Nunes were betraying it, over and over. 
Like many of you, Eric was fed up. Now, he is running for Congress because he wants to serve our country once again, and finally bring a voice to our district. He will fight for the Central Valley and for the issues we care about.